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Subway Fun

Isn’t it peculiar that everyone thinks they have a sense of humor? Truth is some people just aren’t funny. So, what do you do when you’re in a conference room with the entire team, and the boss cracks a decidedly unfunny joke?

Well, you whip out Animal-Zoo and tap the Crickets button!! Animal-Zoo now available at the iTunes App Store.

Send email to animalzoo@ the domain above for questions or support.

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Welcome to Avenue Mac

Welcome to Avenue Mac. We’ve uploaded our first application to the App Store today. Yeah!. The idea was to work our way through the process so we’d know what to expect. The Avenue Mac team develops applications for clients large and small, and sometimes even for ourselves. So it was helpful to go through the process.

My goodness there are a lot of steps to publishing an application on iTunes. The good news is, Apple has really done the best job they could in helping developers pull everything they need together before an app is published. In the next few months we hope to blog about some of the trials and tribulations involved in developng an application for the iPhone. In the meantime, download Animal-Zoo and watch this space. Have FUN!

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