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UnclutteredTodos iPhone App is HERE!


We love todo applications. We’ve tried then all. We like them all. However, we needed something that helped us manage our time, not our list. Uncluttered Todos allows us to do just that. No more spending time fiddling with colors, folders, screens and other non-productive tasks. Uncluttered Todos allows you to focus on getting the things on your list completed versus moving todos between folders. More here.

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Animal-Zoo Going Bonkers

Animal Zoo joined the iTunes App Store ( check it out here ) over a year ago.  The response has been terrific. Animal Zoo has the most unique sounds of any mobile application. DefaultThousands of people have downloaded the App and the good news is, all new sounds are free. Use it for school, boring meetings, in the car, on the phone, or just to entertain kids of all ages, hundreds of uses. Download Animal-Zoo now.

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