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Recurring Tasks

unclutterediconThere are times when we want to be reminded to do the same thing on a weekly, monthly, and sometimes daily basis. For example, picking up a tenant rent check every month. Or checking in with our Parents every week (something we workaholics need a task for!). Uncluttered Todos allows you to mark a task as recurring, by enabling “Recurring” from the Edit Todo Screen.

In the screenshot, the “Pick up tenant rent check” will appear on my list every month. So if I complete the task this month. The task will be removed from my list until next month.

Recurring Task - Uncluttered Todos - GTD A daily recurring task will show up on my list every day. A weekly recurring task will show up every week. A monthly recurring task will show up every month.

The check box next to the recurring task is the complete, not complete checkbox. It enables you to mark a task complete from the Edit Todo screen.

All for now, if you have any questions, or would like additional features please tap the info button on the Home Screen of the Application, there you will be able to send us your comments and questions directly. Thanks.

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